• Food Safety Policy

Food Safety Policy

Food Safety Policy

Kajitani Shokuhin Co. Ltd. provides safe and reliable products based on the company’s philosophy and its strict policies on quality control and hygiene management.
(Our company philosophy)
Continue to seek and evolve the unchanging deliciousness of our products. From Okayama to all over Japan and overseas, our flavor is loved by our customers, and we will carry on our unique production methods and pass on the deliciousness to the next generation.

We have created and implemented a food safety management system, and its continuous improvement and effectiveness is committed to the guidelines stated below.

  1. We will always take the customer’s viewpoint of food safety into consideration from the process of ordering raw materials to delivering our products, and will continue to work to gain our customers’ trust.
  2. We will obey all laws, regulations and customers’ requirements in order to produce and provide safe food products.
  3. We will ensure that all of our employees are constantly aware of our Food Safety Policy.
  4. We will set food safety goals and review them whenever necessary.
  5. Through management reviewing, we will take measures to review, update and improve our food safety management system.
  6. We will maintain regular communication within and outside the company and share information related to food safety.
  7. To achieve a high level of food safety, we will continue to increase our knowledge and specialization relating to food production.
  8. Through thorough pursuit of food safety, we intend to provide reassurance to all our customers.

Note: ‘We’ refers to all company staff (from management to production).

October 10, 2023

Kajitani Shokuhin Co. Ltd.
Company President: KAJITANI Shuhei