PRODUCTS Biscuits and Crackers

Long-selling products loved all over Japan.

QUALITY Commitment to Production Methods

All products:

  • 1Are made from carefully selected flour through a slow dough kneading process.
  • 2Are baked in a high-temperature oven to ensure a crispy texture that brings out the original goodness of the flour.
  • 3Have a production system that keeps very little product in stock, in order to provide products that are as close to freshly baked as possible.
Kajitani Shokuhin Co., Ltd. Commitment to Production Methods
Kajitani Shokuhin Co., Ltd. About Us


Management Philosophy

We will continue to seek and evolve the unchanging deliciousness of our products.

Corporate Mission

From Okayama to all over Japan and overseas. Our flavor is loved by our customers, and we will carry on our unique production methods and pass on the deliciousness to the next generation.

Company Profile

Trade name
Kajitani Shokuhin Co., Ltd.
April 1944
Shuhei Kajitani
Sales Division
Kurashiki Plant Sales Headquarters 2261-2 Nakasho,Kurashiki-city,OKAYAMA 710-0016,JAPAN
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Head Office
Line of Business
Biscuit and cracker manufacturing and processing, restaurant management
40,000,000 Yen
Transaction Banks
The Chugoku Bank, Ltd.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Number of Employees
50 persons
Affiliated Companies

Okayama Kimuraya Co., Ltd.

OKF Co., Ltd.

Okayama City Hotel Co., Ltd.

Tsuruya Co., Ltd.

Muscat Golf Club,Muscat Homerun Dome

Member Organizations:
Japan Biscuit Association


April 1944
Kajitani Dried Bread Factory established at 81 Kamiifuku, Okayama City
February 1950
Reorganized and renamed Kajitani Biscuit Co., Ltd
April 1957
Renamed Kajitani Shokuhin Co., Ltd.
April 1966
Became a contract factory for processing flour products (crackers) for the Japan School Lunch Association (renamed the Japan School Health Association in 1957) and began supplying crackers for school lunches.
April 1970
Moved to a new factory at 2261-2 Nakasho, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture
March 1987
Began supplying crackers for school lunch to Okayama School Lunch Association and other prefectural school lunch associations
June 2014
Opened café BISCUIT in Kurashiki Bikan Historical Area
October 2019
Establishment of Overseas Business Division
Kajitani Shokuhin Co., Ltd. Inquiry,Hiring


Inquiries about wholesale sales, overseas expansion, media inquiries, and
we also accept inquiries about products and product dealers.


For recruitment, please visit the Okayama Kimuraya Group Recruitment Site for details.

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